Ghosts 2 Weapons

Expectations for favorite ghosts 2 weapons.

In every first-person shooting video game, people have their favourite weapons. We have lots of expectation for the upcoming Ghosts 2 weapons. However, it doesn’t matter if you like hiding back and shoot down your enemies with a sniper or you just get into a building and take them down with a shotgun. In other words, you always have weapons which you prefer to use regarding the situation you are. Of course, the most flexible and useful in any range are the assault rifles.

Ghosts 2 weapons

Even though, when you do not have money to buy your favorite weapon, you are trying to find it as soon as possible. You can be distracted when you do not have the one you want. You can pick it from the ground from another player or enemy who died and dropped it. But in what cases you are unable to find what you are looking for? It was applied in many cases where most of the people are using the same weapons.

Previous weapons of COD Ghosts.

In Call of Duty: Ghosts, they managed to do that. All you could find to pick up were Vector CBR and Mtar-X. It was very rare to find an assault rifle like Honey Badger or a Remington R5. The whole weapon list is over 20 different guns, so that was a big drawback. It is understandable that a sub-machine gun is a bit steady, with more bullets fired per second but it is making small damage. Why it was the best choice a sub-machine gun? Because players’ health was really low, so you didn’t need much effort taking down somebody. Hopefully, the developing team has taken those facts to credit, so they will improve. In order for this to improve, they will possibly raise the player’s health by 30-50%, so you will be able to use more effective guns.

How about the grenades in Ghosts 2?

Like in every first person shooter game, I of all people, believe that grenades will be a tremendous addition to the ghosts 2 weapons. In general, a grenade is always useful against enemies, in order to avoid eye contact. However, in the first part of the Ghosts using a grenade was an instant kill, as fast as it would hit you. Eventually, once Ghosts 2 Trailer get revealed, more of the weapons will be available and confirmed.

Moreover, it was as powerful as using a launcher, with the difference that the grenade was easier to use. That was also due to the fact of the low health provided for the players. On the coming chapter, hopefully, you will be able to survive from a grenade if you are in a bit of a distance. Of course, we are not talking here for the grenade to blow right into your face. Since it is the Call of Duty series we are talking, so they make the game as realistic as possible.


What is the best weapon on taking down an enemy right in front of you? Certainly, kill him with a knife. Unlike most of the games in the series, in the first part of Ghost the animation when using a knife was too long. In a game where every second count, definitely, it takes less than a second to get killed. When using a knife you would get exposed by the enemies, with a result not being able to do nothing until you put it away. We are expecting in Ghosts 2 weapons that the animation would be much sorter. The faster you get ready is better for you and worse for the enemy. Expecting more updates about Ghosts 2 release date to come once confirmed.

Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 Weapons List

  • Primary Weapons
      • Assault Rifles

      • Sub Machine Guns

      • Light Machine Guns

      • Marksman Rifles

      • Sniper Rifles

      • Shotguns

      • Riot Shield

  • Secondary Weapons
      • Handguns

      • Launchers

  • Equipment
    • Lethal

    • Tactical

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