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Will Ghosts 2 weapons have a new range?

Is Ghosts 2 going to have a new range of weapons?

Call of Duty: Ghosts was released in the way back 2013. Even though it was not a massive hit among the gamers, a sequel of Ghosts is definitely expected. Now after six years, developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision has already dropped some hints on Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 Weapons. Rumors are quite ripe that the next version of COD is going to be the sequel of COD: Ghosts. However, few of the rumors do suggest otherwise. It could be MW4 as well. No matter we know how these rumors are, and only time will tell which of them is true. But COD enthusiasts have already become speculative about Ghosts 2 Weapons. Many online forums have already started discussing the probable specifications of Ghosts 2. It all started with Infinity’s Ashton William’s tweets when she posted some horror gifs last November. But these tweets were enough to indicate that Call of Duty Ghosts 2 is in the pipeline, and could be the next release.


Expectations for Ghosts 2 weapons.

One of the top things, which have become a buzz is speculations about the Ghosts 2 weapons. As we know, that weapons were one of the top draws of COD: Ghosts. We expect the same to be retained for Call of Duty Ghosts 2 as well. One must admit that the collection of weapons is quite impressive, and the online buzz suggests that they will be available on Ghosts 2 as well. Ghosts have whopping 39 weapons, accompanied with multiple attachments. The gamer has multiple options to choose from when it comes to weapons. Amongst the other weapons, Ghost 2 is all set to retain marksman rifles which became quite famous as a newer class of weapon in the last version. Marksman rifles were always looked up as a rifle that is a mix of an assault rifle and the sniper rifle. Like the previous version, Ghosts 2 is also going to have Sniper rifle equipped with optics that are capable of preserving peripheral vision. Rest is going to be same with assault rifle (AR), light machine guns, sub-machine guns (SMG), shotguns and handguns. While for medium to short-range capability SMG needs to be used, while for medium to long-range AR needs to be used. However, we still don’t know that just like the COD: Ghosts, we can use one single weapon as both, AR & SMG. This two in one weapon was extremely useful in combative situations, especially one can switch to AR and SMG simultaneously at easy.

Activision has good chance to attract old gamers once again.

We still have to wait for the final specifications, in order to see what are the other enhancements COD: Ghosts 2 brings in. Even though COD: Ghosts has an impressive range of weapons and equipment, it needs to have an expanded range of weapons and equipment. No wonder COD: Ghosts never picked up completely, because gamers failed that it is just an extension of Infinity Ward. As a result, most of the gamers didn’t feel something new in COD: Ghosts, and the game ultimately never made big. Definitely, Activision is not going to make the same mistake this time. Even though it is rumored that it will have the entire range of weapons and equipment of COD: Ghosts, somewhere down the line we do expect the introduction of new COD: Ghosts 2 weapons.

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