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Ghosts 2 release and Characters discussion

Ghosts characters

Will everyone favor Call of Duty Ghosts 2?

Everyone has a type of video games which he prefers to play. Having Call of Duty Ghosts 2 as COD’s 2019 game may be joyful for must of us. But, for few if Call of Duty series’ fans, COD Ghosts left them disappointed and not pleased with what they played. But what it was that was so disastrous with this game? First of all, like in every game, there are new features that have been released, which are not always in the player’s favor. Those bad features are also known as mistakes, which producers from the COD series take them seriously, in order for them to be improved. Mistakes like that are gameplay, graphics, special requirements in order to play the game, poor quality and quantity of weapons, badly designed maps, not very interesting storyline or nothing special on multiplayer mode. The Ghosts game had most of them. So, what you should expect now? For them to fix their wrongs in the second chapter. The developers are getting everyday reviews and comments on the game. Of course, not every game is meant to please everyone but they will definitely improve what didn’t turn out well.

Ghosts 2 characters….

So, what make you think that Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 will be released at some point? It has been 6 years since the release of the COD: Ghosts. When finishing the main storyline, the main character Logan and his friend get assaulted, with Logan getting dragged by the main villain, who somehow survived and claims that will be no more Ghosts and Logan will help him on his requests. Well, this is not how you wanted the story to end, isn’t it? Everybody was left wondering about what will happen. Will the main character turns into evil, hunting down his friends or the ghosts friends will rescue him? The main storyline was one of the best in Call of Duty series, even that is in a different timeline regarding the Black Ops and the Modern Warfare, but was incomplete. The sudden finish of the story and the ending twist has left many people wandering with what will happen next.

Why would it be another part of Ghosts

But what can be the lead that Ghosts 2 will be coming out soon? Well, in order to sort out the issues and the players’ disappointments, you need some time for it. Since the first part was released in 2013, it looks like 2019 will be the year for COD Ghosts 2. Of course, since the players had a  taste of the first part, they may not approach the second it in the same way and curiosity like when the first one came out. But one thing that the COD series producers they have proven themselves: they always improve their games. So, since you played the first part, you need to try the second one. The single player’s campaign will definitely contain a very interesting story. There will be new weapons added to the old ones, as well as new improved maps. They may not add any new special multiplayer modes, but they will definitely make it more enjoyable for the people to play.

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